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Potential Order - thoughts?

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Hey guys - attempting to narrow down my order and would love some feedback/ is what I am thinking of for my Rene:

Pop Equip
Cold Weather
Safety/Sec Grp
uConnect 6.5

So, the 3 hang ups I have are the following...

1- Since leather group includes some duplicate features of the Pop Equip, is there a package discount when you choose both options vs just one? I like the way the cloth looks, but open to leather if that is all thats out there with the options I want.

2- this is so much harder that I thought. My safe pick is white (last jeep was same color, loved it). But that anvil...mmm. Need to see it in person, love it on other Jeeps. Commando green is nice but looks maybe a little olive/baby puke sometimes. I want to like but not sure if I could live with it. Sierra Blue...definitely would like some feedback on this one...never considered it until I saw a pic on autotrader with it. Was this discontinued?

3-MySky. So, I love sunroofs but mainly for the ability to let more light in the car. I rarely open the one I have now. Thinking why spend the money if it is just a solid panel? Seen a couple threads on creaking/rattling sunroofs and that would drive me insane.

Would really appreciate some feedback on the build specs and 3 points above...thanks everyone! :D
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Can't help you with #1 but I do like the look of anvil. I try to stay away from base colors like white and black so that may make me a bit biased.

As for the sun roof, I think someone's dealership found a solution to the rattling issue:
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