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Precision Chassis Sway Bar Linkage

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All, I have a 2016 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk. I purchased a set of Precision Chassis sway bar links and first installed them without the black plastic cap you see, in the photo below. Then started wondering why would those caps be on the linkage anyway, if they were not supposed to be used during the installation. I talked to the auto tech at the autoparts store, and he said they were to be installed. So I took them off (hadn’t moved the vehicle) and reinstalled with the caps on. i admit I could be absolutely wrong but this doesn’t seem right. I search for information on the install however could not find anything. Has anyone installed these parts and can you provide me with information as to if the caps are to be installed and if so, details as to how, and torque specification.


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The plastic cones are packing material to protect the seals during shipping.
Thank you. That is what I thought.
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