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Problems in cold weather

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First of all, I like my Renegade a lot. With studded winter tires the grip and traction is incredible. I have never driven anything that can compare. The comfort is also very good. And it's a fun car to drive.

Now over to the not so good. Jeep must have done a really bad job testing the car in cold climate. When the outside temperature went down to around -15 °C (5 °F) and lower, the car started to show all kinds of fault/alerts like Serv 4WD, Check parking or electronic brake, Stop/start unavailable and Check Engine. In addition, after driving for 40 minutes at moderate speeds and then leaving the car for 24 hours in -25 °C (-13 °F) , the battery didn’t have enough charge to start the car. I checked the battery and it is only 72 Ah which in my opinion is insufficient for climates where the temperature can get down to -30 °C. After a night of charging the battery and a couple of hours with the block heater on, the car started. When the outside temperature went up warmer than -15 °C (5 °F), the messages disappeared. When Check Engine is showing, the car is only front wheel drive.

The most stupid or laughable effect of these faults was the following: The car said Stop/start unavailable and the system could not be turned on with the button. When I came to work I drove slowly into my parking space and braked the car to a stop half way into the space. Then the car decided to activate the stop/start system and automatically stopped the engine. The problem was that the system was apparently still unavailable so when I released the brake pedal the car wouldn’t start automatically. I had to switch off the ignition and then on again to start the car and drive it the last meter into the parking space.

I really hope that Jeep has software-updates to fix these issues, but I fear that these low temperature problems are unknown to Jeep and that my car will not be fixed this winter…

Anyone else experiencing problems in cold temperatures?
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I have a 2017 jeep renegade latitude. Today it was -26 when i went to leave for work and pushed the button to start my car and everything lit up but wouldnt even try to turn over. I spent hours testing the battery to trying to warm the starter. I finally noticed on my dash a small light on that was regular and it looks like a small lightning bolt. I looked it up and found out its the ecm electronic control module i believe. Which states if the pedals arent lined up properly it stops the car from turning over. So i started to apply heat and pb blaster to the mechanical connections and kept wiggling and moving following through the firewall. After about 30 minutes it finally tried to turn over but didnt make it. So i kept repeating the processing moving the gas pedal and brake pedal and eventually it must have worked and the car turned over and slowlllly started but it did work. So hopefully anyone else has this problem and the battery test good around 12.5ish starter is ok this can help you solve an annoying problem i see that a "cold weather" reneage seems to have and if you see the 4wd service light come on just ignore it, it is a know glitch with these renegades that goes away and nothing is wrong.
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