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Hello again all Renegade owners, forum readers and guests!!!
Not too long ago I posted a couple of threads on this forum dealing with the 6.5 radio system. I wanted to refresh this subject again and give everyone some updates on what is going on with myself, VARenegade and I believe a few others on this website. My radio/ infotainment system (6.5an) currently does not have the YELP feature and my Uconnect advantage account (free for 1st year) shows "pending" according to my radio system andI have some weird stuff go on with screen menu. Yelp is part of the advantage package and should be available but the Mobile Apps feature (Pandora, Aha, etc) are not compatible at this time with the 6.5 system. At first I believed it was but it clearly is not. Uconnect folks have told me over and over we do not have the mobile apps feature like some other vehicles do which my 14 Cherokee does have. Anyways, I have been trying for over 3.5 weeks working with Uconnect Access folks and my dealership (did not really do squat) to try and figure out why this problem is occurring to me and other owners with 6.5 system. So far, no fix and Uconnect folks have walked me through countless factory resets, soft-resets, to re-sending data to going into engineer menu and inputting some type of code and also to re-setting the modem system. My dealership has contacted tech folks ( thats what I have been told) who in turn stated they contacted folks who make this radio and still no info on them yet. Have even sent JeepCares (on this forum) message for help which he is working on and trying his best to also help me with this problem. I am still baffled as to why no one can re-install system software or just go ahead and order me a new 6.5 system and then take my old radio and send it back for techs to tear apart, troubleshoot, etc????? Me not having the YELP feature and my soft touch menus acting weird sometimes is not the end of the world. The point is I paid over 27K for this brand new vehicle 33 days ago that is supposed to have these features and to work as advertised but it doesn't. I have probably spent over 8+ hrs on the phone, have spoke with maybe 6 diff techs and used a lot of my personal time with them while on the phone to try and troubleshoot this problem as they instruct me to do this, try that, reset this, etc... One tech even stated she would give me some free account time credited back or square me away with something but that never happened and has not been brought up again. Please just fix the problem by giving me a new radio system or something. I know others have had much worse happen with their new Renny (like trans going bad, no start, water leaks, etc) and i feel really bad for them. Whats everyone else's take on my story???
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