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We went off piste under the 'My Renegade' thread. Here's the production codes that 'I-Am-Renegade' (UK member) kindly posted in April:

Ok I found this online for fiat so should be the same for the renegade:

10: Heavy Variability, Confirmed Order. Fiat has your order but it can still be changed

13: Light Variability, Confirmed Order. This is the point where only limited changes to your order can now happen.

16: Fixed, Confirmed Order. your order is now fixed and can no longer be changed with regards factory spec.

20: Built, Fairly self explanatory.

30: Shipment, At dock waiting to get on a boat.

35: Transit, On the water bobbing along to the UK

40: Arrived, At the docks in good old Blighty

45: Ready, Car is waiting for collection by transport company.

50: With Delivery Instruction, Delivery instruction has been sent to transport company.

55: Goods Out, Car is on a transporter on its way to your dealer

60: Arrival at Dealership

Your dealer, if on the ball, should keep you posted on change of status, but it should be no hassle for them if you phone and enquire. I think they use the app and search their order by brand 57, model 609.
Mine's currently at status 13, so trying to find out what can be changed / added at this stage without extending the lead time for delivery!
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