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Radio / Console Problems

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good morning. I have a 2018 jeep renegade and recently the radio started acting odd. First it would switch from satellite to FM independently. Then it started to change between preset radio stations randomly. The culmination of the meltdown happens when Bluetooth connects to my telephone. It randomly would call people on the missed call list in rapidfire succession. The display would become in operable to address any of these issues due to the rapid change of commands. As the day went on each nuisance became a headache. (I have videos if anyone wants to see it in action!)

I called SiriusXM to ask what I needed to do to the radio. After a long conversation that ended nowhere in resolving the issues, I was directed to take the vehicle to the dealership for a hard boot.

now the dealer ship is he’s wanting to replace the entire radio system at the tune of $2000. Has anyone had any other issues such as this? What were you able to determine. What is a full radio replacement required?

With the vehicle only being three years old (purchased in July 2018) how is this an acceptable? When will believe the radio would last a few more years than three. When I originally purchased a vehicle in 2018, my statement to the sales person was my biggest concern being that there was so much riding on the electrical components and digital technology. And here I am, three years later with that very issue staring me in the face.

Anybody have some good advice for a frustrated jeep owner?
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