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I have had issues with 2 different phone - 1 was Iphone XR and new phone is Google 3a XL

When plugged into USB port Uconnect freezes; meaning the Maps, Music shuts down and restarts. Also every thing else freezes up, buttons behind the steering wheel, volume and whatever is playing on the radio too. So I took to dealer when oil changed was needed when I had Iphone, I was told it was the phone or cord. So, I ended up getting a new phone (it was time anyways) the Google 3a XL and guess what..did the same..brand new phone, brand new cord!

So decide to call Uconnect/Chrysler and was told to go to a different dealer so I did, I was told it was the radio(multiple codes came up) so a new one was ordered and installed. Problem fixed..?? Nope, the very next day after new radio installed did the same exact thing and the radio stayed on when I shut the Jeep off and opened the door.....Called dealer; brought it back the next Monday(1 week after new radio installed)..

Just got back today(after 5 days) of "investigating" and it was resolved by dealer that it was my phone.....ugh...Now I await Chrysler to call me Tuesday to see of any other reported issues with the Google phones and then to go from there......very frustrated that I have a 2019 with only 12.5K on it and the features I pay for don't even work!!

So.....after all that detailed info...anyone else with same issue or any advice?? TIA!!

Will keep updated!
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