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Rate your dealer

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Ok, so I've been thinking, people are quick enough to bent their spleen when they have had bad service. So how about letting others know when you have had good service, for a change?

UK, USA, wherever. Share your experience with us and let us know where to find good service.

I would like to nominate Tony Grimas at Lookers Jeep, Cardiff. He wasn't pushy and tried to sell me anything that I didn't want. He was patient as there was a delay with me getting my money that I needed for the upfront payment on the motability scheme. Generally an all round good guy, top bloke to deal with. So it is a 10/10 from me.

I don't get nothing for my recommendation, just to let people know if they want a Renegade in south west Wales then go to Lookers and ask for Tony.

Could this be made into a sticky? This may get lost among all the other threads.:ReneBlueWave:

Please can we keep this on topic, as some may not want to wade through irrelevant posts. Thanks peeps.
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