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Fiat have not got the best record for reliability here in the UK. It is not a recent thing either, as it has been going on for some years. There are some that say FIAT stands for Fix It Again Tony. There is an element of both truth and humour in there.

When you look at the FCA umbrella and the cars that are near the wrong end of the table, it does put some folk off from even going for a test drive, never mind placing an order.

Chrysler have stopped importing cars to the UK. Whether or not they start importing them at a later date remains to be seen, but I won't hold my breath.

Recently the Fiat 500 was plagued with a problem. The cars lacked power to get up hills. I'm not joking. It was the subject of discussion on the BBC television programme 'Watchdog'. The engine in question was the 1.2 litre in the entry level model. Luckily the Renegades won't have this 1.2 engine. Fiat denied there was a problem in the beginning. Eventually Fiat gave in and said there was a problem. Bad customer pr.
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