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Well, I took another detailed look at the Amazon listing for those lights. Several observations:

First, the listing says that the lights are "[e]xact fit and direct replacement: Replace the stock red reflector and function as add-on rear fog light and backup lights."

I'd say that was not exactly accurate. Most North American-spec Renegades come with two reflectors in the bumper, since all the lighting (to include back-up lights) are part of the tail light clusters. So I assume there's no wiring behind the bumper. So any wiring would have to be run there. Unless there's loose wiring there, that's energized? Doesn't seem likely.

The only NA-spec Renegades that would have any kind of wiring there are vehicles with LED tail lights; since the tail lights are all-red, the back-up lights (and reflectors) are in the rear bumper. So these lights would probably plug into there; but would only provide white back-up lighting.

That's confirmed by several of the customer comments, that say that people had to run wiring from the tail lights. Which tells me they wired these to act either as additional brake lights, or additional back-up lights; not as rear fog lights.

Second, my USB Service manual shows that here's what the back of the OEM back-up light looks like, on Renegades that have the back-up lights in the bumpers:


Seems to be, not surprisingly, a two-pin connector; one for +12v, and one for ground. That means the existing vehicle wiring only provides voltage for back-up lighting there; not "rear fog light and backup lights," as the listing claims. Unless the Renegade is a European-market model, where the wiring on the driver's side would indeed be for a rear fog light; but even then, the wiring on the other side would only run a back-up light -- only one.

Third, that would seems to be confirmed by images in the listing. One shows the backs of the lights and their wiring harness (it's unclear to me why the harnesses are so long, unless they're meant to somehow reach the tail lights):


The connectors are labeled that one is for a rear fog light, and one is for a back-up light. Huh? I thought these lights would provide both functions.

and indeed each connector appears to be two-pin, which seems to be confirmed by another image:


The connectors are female, and look identical to those on the OEM back-up lights. But with only two wires each, that tells me each light can only have one function -- either as a white back-up light, or as a red rear fog light. Even assuming the Renegade's wiring harness could be coded to provide the correct signals on the respective wires (back-up light on one side, and rear fog light on the other), I can't tell how these lights know how to light up when they see +12v on the hot wire -- white or red?. Maybe that dark round area on each light is a manual switch that determines what color it lights up...?

And several users have commented that no instructions or wiring diagram are provided.

In any case, this product looks pretty iffy, particularly with the misleading description. Like Mrsig, I too would be interested to hear from anyone who's installed these...but not so much for how they look, but rather how they function...

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For Renegade and simmilar chasis issue lies in the fact, that the car uses all 3 channels of the CAN bus an
Yeah, I'm getting that idea.

Of course "simple OBD" is extremely limited; same with VWs. Generic OBD readers will only read common fault codes, and other tools (OBDeleven, Carista) will only perform certain re-coding functions.

I do know that AlfaOBD requires a bypass module. I just haven't seen what else it can or can't do... or how (re-)coding works with the Renegade.

do you have AlfaOBD?
I do not yet have AlfaOBD but You can download a demo for Your Android device which gives You the possibilities of the software. There is another one called ECUMultiscan but there were issues with 2.4 Tigershark and this software. Would not affect You thou.

With Renegade, and other FCA products on the same system architecture, the issue is with the CAN Bus channels. They use all 3 channels of the CANBus and most of the "cheaper" OBD2 interfaces don`t access all 3. Due to Renegade-specific quirks, even those which can access all 3 (Like OBDLink MX+), need a special "cross-wire" adapter for our cars.
Another issue is that the SGW bypass module has to also be able to access all 3 channels.

As to "coding", I would prefer not to theorize on this before I try myself. I know that an important part of the whole "coding" is proxy alignment. Basically, all separate modules in the vehicle hold the "copy" of data from other modules. So, If You let`s say change something in the light setup in the "body" module You have to "align" those databases between all modules. This process seems to cause some problems when using aftermarket software and interfaces as it requires a really stable connection.
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