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Just after any advice or experience of the following issue.
My wife has a 2016 Renegade, last year the rear parking sensor stopped working with the fault indicator appearing on the dash, this was accompanied by a fault on the speaker system. Long story short took it to dealer who replaced wiring loom under warranty, stating that the loom that goes through the speaker for the rear parking sensors had corroded due to water ingress.
All good for just over a year and the exact same fault has returned, which suggests to me that whilst the new loom temporarily fixed the fault, over time the same water ingress has continued resulting in the same issue.

Has anyone else had the same?

Now the car is out of warranty JEEP state that the work completed is no longer covered and the garage want £130 to complete diagnostics.

So my question is does anyone know where I stand if I pay up the £130 and it is shown to be the same fault. My rational thinking suggests that the original warranty claim was never fixed correctly and should be able to get this repaired by JEEP? But conversation with them suggests not as they state that all warranty work is only covered until the end of the warranty. Would I have to go to small claims under consumer rights as the fault was never fixed correctly in the first place?

Any help appreciated


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Bunchy, for the sake of £50 to raise an action in the Small Claims Court is certainly a way to go.

Before going down that line I would chat with your Service Manager and allow them the opportunity to deal with the issue. It is possible that they are blissfully unaware of your incident. Explain to them as you have did in here. Allow them to reply and if the reply it is not to your satisfaction then you must tell them that you want to chat immediately with the Branch General Manager and if unsuccessful then the Area Manager.

At Executive Management level they don't want to be bothering with "small stuff" and are likely going to be pee'd off that their Junior Managers cannot rectify an issue for the sake of repeating a previously botched job. It could be a different issue causing water ingress but let them tell you that ;)

If at that point you are still unhappy then inform the General Manager that a letter of complaint will now be sent and a formal complaint being raised as opposed to an informal chat.

Should a written reply also prove to be unsuccessful then again in writing you should inform them that a case is now being raised in the Small Claims Court. The total you can claim in England and Wales is £10,000, in Scotland it's £5,000 and in Northern Ireland it's £3,000.

Now comes the interesting part as the most you will lose if unsuccessful in your claim is the original £50 fee. But if the Court finds in your favour then the Dealer has to pay all costs for the repair and all Court costs. Do they really want to take that chance and be found to be wrong in a Court that ONLY deals in PROBABILTY as it is not a Law Court?

Dealerships hate this course of action and always try to bluff their way out of it by pressurising you to give up the claim. Stand by your guns. Let them face the worry and most likely you will kick the ball out of the park, so to speak.

Actions as they say, speak louder than words. I hope you have it resolved to your satisfaction but be prepared to document everything as it may take a few months. (y)(y)(y)

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Making a Small Court Claim, UK

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