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Rear Re-Gearing?

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These guys are selling these gears and pinions for the rear diff on the renegade.

Anyone has any comments?
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While I have NO first-hand experience with Motive gears, my experience with gear changes is that FACTORY gears are almost always easier to set up, and run quieter. It has to do with the manner in which the gears are finished, as I understand it.

Unless you are wanting a gear ratio that the factory did not offer, I would stick with a used set of factory gears.

That said, everything I see on that page and in the linked Motive docs. indicates they are offering factory replacement gears, which to me says factory ratios. But I could certainly be wrong about that.
Hey thanks for the reply!

You can actually choose from a couple different ratios: 4.56, 4.88 and 5.13.

What confuses me is why they are only selling rear ones. And also was thinking how hard could it be to re gear the Renegade.

I know the trailhawk has a different ratio than the other models, from what you say, you think it would be possible to swap for the Trailhawks? I have a Latitude, I think. In Colombia they sold it as "Longitude".

Why are you changing gears? Most guys go to lower gears when they go up tire size.
If you do this you need to change the gear in the front too.
I did go bigger tires and I never saw 9th gear again. I was just wondering how hard is it to actually re-gear the Renegade.
The problem is, You can't change the gears in the rear differential without changing the gears in the transmission (aka: transaxle) also. Because, you can't have two different gear ratio's running at the same time without braking drive line parts. (exception would be for racing purposes, usually in the mud or snow).

Motive Gear is a really good gear set. I have been using them for years.

Hey Thanks for the reply!
And changing the gears in the transaxle is a pain in the ass or is it a possible thing?
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