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It's likely been searched, reviewed and revised but I am still at a loss.

Bear with me for the short version:

Positive and negative leads are connected to the battery and ran to the rear boot area using battery jump leads, (50amp in line fuse in the positive cable). Fitted is a battery isolator switch on the positive line with a ring eyelet. Then a ring eyelet at the bottom of the isolator switch to the winch via a plug that can be split in two.

What happens to the negative (black) cable as it gets "stepped down" in diameter from a jump lead to the smaller cable that will be supplied with a winch.

Let's think for a moment it's a boat and accessories weighing almost a ton and I wanted to use a 2 ton winch.

Please discuss the pros and cons in simple language. I do not want to go less than a 2000lb winch and I need to know the correct method of reducing the cable thickness on the negative joint.

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Anytime that you step down in size the pressure is increased... :ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO:

sorry, I couldn't resist.

I would recommend a winch for a quad. link is for example.

The winch on my quad is using a 6 gauge AWG cables.
I have seen as little as 10 gauge cables work without issues.

Short answer.
Stepping down to the cable size that comes with the winch will be fine.

It is always recommended to run a heavier gauge wire to and feed to smaller wires at the load (winch).
My example would be; run a large cable to a junction box to handle the load to safely feed accessories off of (smaller wires).

Cables feeding wires, good
Wires feeding cables, bad.

... wait, you already know the answer. lol

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I ran 2 gauge from the battery & battery isolator switch that has a built in 700 amp breaker for my rear & front 12,000 lbs winch.
Front with out winch.

With winch old photo

Rear with out winch


With winch old photo

I know this is my JK not my BU.
My BU has a 9.5 in the front only.
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