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Recall about oil consumption problem..?

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Is this legit? I just got a letter saying theres a recall on my 2018 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk about a problem about oil consumption. The letter says they need to:
Reprogram powertrain module

Anyone else got that letter? Im gonna call my closest dealer after the holydays probably..

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Consumers beware of dishonest dealerships when taking your jeep's in for this test! I took my 2015 Renegade in for this consumption test at Robert Loehr Chrysler Dodge Jeep ect. for the first time they had me bring it in at 2300 miles and it was 2qt. low on oil. So they decided they made a mistake with the mileage and wanted to do it again at 1500. Now mind you this test is supposed to be a half way between oil change test. The owners manual states oil change every 5000 miles so the test was done correctly the first time. So I take it back in today for the same test and I make sure to check it before I get there and again it's 2qt. low so I know there's a problem with it. At the dealership stated above the tech takes it to the bake does his "CHECK" and brings it back. I ask the service writer how was it because I know it was again 2qt low bringing it back in. He tells me it was within normal range! WTF!!! You mean to tell me that it being 2qt low is normal at 1500 miles??? There's no way that's normal. So he decides to read the recall in front of me and it plainly states at the add mark or a little below is normal not 2qt low. So we walk out to the car and he checks the oil in front of me and say's see just a 1qt low..... WTF????? I told him that his lying tech put oil in it because that oil was no longer black now it's clean and that his service department was bunch of unethical lying cheat's!!! So I apparently have the 8th wonder of the world with a car that can make it's own oil. Not only that they keep changing how they're doing the test from 2300miles to now 1500. Now this has turned into a he said he said situation so I told him he was going to do it again because someone in this room is lying and I know I'm not and that I will be there when the tech checks it with video in hand because video doesn't lie people do!!! He reluctantly agreed and now we'll see what happens!
If anyone else has taken they're car in for this test and was told that nothing was wrong and you know that your car has been having this issue. You better do it again and watch them do the test because obviously not all dealership service department's are honest and one's like this one is reflecting on all of them!!! I'm not saying that they're being told to do this buy Chrysler/Fiat to get out of replacing the engines because it sure looks like it! But if they are they're will be a class action lawsuit in the future for this dishonesty. So if anyone from the corporation accidentally reads this you should do yourself a favor and make a phone call to this dealership before this becomes headline news because it's headed there fast!!!!
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I don't question your story I just don't understand why any dealership would do this. For a recall like this they get reimbursed for all the parts and labor from the manufacturer so they actually make some money on doing it. The only reason I could think of is that FCA pays a lower rate then the normal shop rate so they figure they can make more $$$ doing oil changes.
I told the service writer the same thing and I honestly don't understand why they would do it but they did. I've been doing business at this dealership for years and until this happened I never had any issues there. Hopefully when I go back for the recheck they're honesty will return with me standing there watching. But like you said if that's the reason it's sad and bad for consumers.
Still at the dealer. Was informed that oil consumption was out of specs and they are going to replace the engine. Just waiting for the rental car to be delivered.
So happy to hear that you were taking care of by a good dealership and all is not lost. Hopefully you will be back in your Jeep enjoying it soon!
Hey, for anyone who has been having issues with their dealer with this, I just got an automated text from my dealer. It looks like the recall was recently updated as when it was first mentioned it was not in my jeep portal. Now it is.

The original W84 recall on NHTSA said this
[ 2017 Model Year (UF) Chrysler 200, 2014 (KL) Jeep Cherokee, 2017 (KL) Jeep Cherokee ,2017 (MP) Jeep Compass, 2017 (BU) Jeep Renegade]

Now the w84 recall in the portal says this.
[ 2015 - 2017 Model Year (UF) Chrysler 200, 2014 - 2017 (KL) Jeep Cherokee ,2017 (MP) Jeep Compass, 2015 - 2017 (BU) Jeep Renegade]

I don't know why some dealers are giving people a hard time about diagnostics since it states
"Dealers should perform this repair on all unsold vehicles before retail delivery. Dealers should also use the VIN list to follow up with all owners to schedule appointments for this repair. " So it's not like mopar considers it optional.
It makes no sense to me why they’re doing this either. Maybe they just don’t want to do it or someone gets kickbacks for getting away with not doing it. Somebody really needs to look at this from a legal standpoint
There are class action lawsuits pending over a couple issues. One for the oil consumption and one for FCA using software to beat emissions testing with the EPA.
That’s good to know. Thanks
Well I went in today for my 3rd oil check test. I guess 3rd times a charm 😂. I had everyone and his brother in that bay for this check. Apparently according to service manager some customer made a huge sense a few weeks ago about this issue 😂. And the new policy is that the customer, service manager and service tech all have to be with the car for the check to be valid😂🤣😂🤷🏻‍♂️. Anyway long story short my new engine has been ordered and will be installed as soon as it arrives! The moral of the story here folks stand your ground and check everything before and after you go in for service or recalls!
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Make sure they give you a rental while your Rene is in the shop. The cost of the rental is covered by the recall.
Thanks, that’s good to know
Well, for starters according to the picture you’re already at nearly 2qts at 1500 miles and you qualify for the replacement! I had big issues with my testing also just read the beginning of this thread for that story. In the end after 3 separate test and making a big scene at the dealership I finally got a legit test and my engine replaced! So stand your ground with them and force they’re hand. Flat out tell them you don’t believe they did the test correctly and want it done again and you want to be there when it’s done so there’s no he said he said issues! Take pictures before you get there and while you’re there doing it!!!! Because this is happening to people that are either not aware or are just not saying anything about it! If you feel like going somewhere else go to Cartersvillle, Ga at Robert Loehr they changed they’re policy on customers being back there for this test to them being there due to my experience with this issue.
Do you still have to be under warranty if you were to qualify for a new motor because of oil burn?
Nope, mine had 135k on it and we’ll out of warranty and was replaced. It’s a engine recall and warranty and mileage don’t matter due to faulty design.
The test is to run for 1500-1700 miles. Thet information is in the W80 bulletin.
You’re right my mistake it was a halfway test I edited it for correction! Thanks
It is not a recall. It is a Customer Satisfation Alert. Didn't matter the milage or what the dealer told you, it IS supposed to be 1500-1700 miles. I won't argue with your any more, I have family that works for FCA.
Didn’t realize that we were arguing. I believe I said that you were right and that I edited my post. And I’m pretty sure that I said thank you for the correction. I don’t believe I said anything about FCA I’m pretty sure that I mostly complained about dealerships handling the of the process. I called it a recall because that’s what the dealership called it.
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