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Recommended Service Scam?

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Hello Gentlemen, have some questions. I thought I knew cars but I don't work on things for a living so don't know the ins and outs.

I own a 2016 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk 4x4 2.4L with 37,500 miles.

Went to dealership today for an oil change and following is on recommended service:
-Description: BG 4x4 Serv; Operation: 02CHZBG4x4
-Description: BG Rear Diff; Operation: 02CHZBGDIFFR
-Description: BG Front Diff; Operation: 02CHZBGDIFFF
-Description: BG T-Case Serv; Operation: 02CHZBGTCASE

What do each of these mean? Are they trying to scam me (want $700 total)? I was given a paper claiming alignment issues showing everything in red; I'm skeptical as hell my alignments are bad because my tire wear is even, and I have no pull on flat road (wheel release test at 70mph stays good for good 8 seconds). I don't take this off-road (although living in shithole Michigan now put last 20k on it here), I have no abnormal noise issues. My father and I used to work on cars together and I'm an engineer for a living in Auto industry, anything off I check out, including noise, and would I like to think I'm not completely ignorant.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

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No way at your mileage you should need any of that. Find a new dealer.
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