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Reliability surveys

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Just posting this because I mentioned alternatives to JD powers and Consumer reports in some thread I can't find, posted links in another thread I can't find and folks ask for me to post them every time I mention them.

Well they percolated to the top of my daily morning read of things internet so I figured I'd put them in their own place.

This is one of them

Although linked on that page, this article gets into an interview with one of the two primary people behind it explaining things more.

The other one I mentioned is true delta which is a crowd sourced approach to it. The nice part of this is you can go look at the specific complaints the owners had, what they said they paid, etc.

To get access to a majority of the information, you have to sign up to contribute data, which kind of sucks, but there is interesting info in there.

Anyway, I know I had several different people ask me about them, and figured I'd at least stick them in their own thread so I could find them again.
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Thanks a lot for posting this, Admins/Mods should make it into a sticky as this is a great resource.
True Delta is a good one I've been using for a bit now. Makes sussing issues much easier, and allows you to be informed as a consumer when going in to battle the Service Advisors...
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