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Hi Guys

I have my Renny for about six weks and absolutely love it. I have the remote Start system on it and I'm looking on how to set ON and OFF the Remote Start Comfort System, My Renny is a North edition so now you all know I'm from Canada (nobody's perfect) and I'll need this option activated in less than a month now. How can I make sure it is activated and where is the settings please? Does anybody knows? Thanks!

Hey nothing wrong with Canadians! ;) I have the limited with remote start and from my 'understanding' (I'm sure someone will tell me if I'm wrong lol)....when you leave the vehicle, you leave the heat set to where you want it, and if you have the heated seats and steering wheel, you leave those on as well when you shut off your car. When you restart later, it will be as you left it. Hope that helps and hope I'm right! LOL....:ReneBlueWave:
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