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Remove initial lag in your Renegade with the MADNESS GOPedal

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There are countless upgrades available for your Jeep Renegade, why not start with something you can feel!

The newly updated MADNESS GOPedal w/ Bluetooth is designed to reduce initial lag felt in todays drive by wire vehicles by allowing you to advance your throttle’s timing to give you a more direct response for a much-improved feel.

View the full details for your Renegade by clicking the link below:

Jeep Renegade MADNESS GOPedal - Bluetooth - 1.4L Multi Air Turbo
Jeep - Jeep Renegade MADNESS GOPedal - Bluetooth - 1.4L Multi Air Turbo - MADNESS Autoworks - Auto Parts and Accessories

Jeep Renegade MADNESS GOPedal - Bluetooth - 2.4L
Jeep - Jeep Renegade MADNESS GOPedal - Bluetooth - 2.4L - MADNESS Autoworks - Auto Parts and Accessories
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I am asking why so many Jeep enthusiasts are failing to upgrade to such magnificent additions to their "trucks" yet most complain that they feel their Jeep is underpowered.

Why anyone does not take a leap of faith and try out additions like this is beyond me. :eek::cry::cry:
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A lot of Jeep owners are complaining daily about automatic gear change lag and the regular forum users know that Go Pedal and similar chips work a treat. yet as time goes by we constantly have to repeat and search for a link to direct the novice memberes to a relevant site

Before I proceed I don't want anyone thinking that I am only promoting a single company but is it at all possible for the Super Mods/Admin to create a sticky post for everyone to readily view before they even open up the forum linking them to Go Pedal type "chips".

Madness Autoworks religiously assist Jeep owners as can be demonstrated throughout the forum so why not give them the opportunity to be on that sticky post.

I do not pretend to understand the legalities of such actions but I am sure that the forum owners and Madness Autoworks could have their own discussion pertaining to that.

For the moment I am copying and pasting Madness Autoworks web page from post 1 above into my folder that I try to save all the useful nuggets of info gleaned from the forum. This will allow me a ready link.
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