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Renegade 1.4 AWD AT petrol vs Dacia Duster 1.5 AWD diesel

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Hello to your great gang! My name is Manos and I live in Greece.

I used to ride a Daihatsu Terios 2 and I was quite happy with its off road capabilities, yet I did at points find that it lacks a low ratio. I now want to buy a new 4x4 but with the insane road and luxury tax in my country, I can't even go near anything bigger than 2.0L. Unfortunately all new small 4x4 offer fairly soft off road capabilities and are more in favour of on road comfort.

As I am more interested in the off road capabilities of my pittential vehicle, I need your lights as Renegade owners.

My budget can buy me from a New Duster to a Reny AWD (not the trailhawk unfortunately) and I need to understand which is more capable off road. I presume that the Reny is better on road, so it's 4x4 capabilities is what I like to compare with the Duster and not its more luxurious inside or on road ride qualities. I don't care about status tbh, so I could live with a Dacia if better off road (and also save me some cash). I see that the Duster has better in/out angles and it has a great ground distance, but how about its AWD system when compared to the Reny?

My off road needs vary from average+ difficulty dry rides to flat but very muddy rides. I am an amateur wildlife photographer, so I tend to go to wetlands and through very muddy field roads during the winter. Unfortunately I cannot afford the trailhawk, so it has to either be the Reny 1.4 petrol automatic (no 1.4 M/T available in GR) or 2.0 diesel manual VS the New Duster 1.5 petrol diesel. Unless there is anything else as capable at this budget which I doubt there is.

Can I have your lights please?
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Hi compatriot,

i also faced the same question with you when back in september i was searching for a 4x4 vehicle. Being a geologist i needed something that can drive safely on the highway (so no suzuki Jimny or lada Niva, they are death traps), but also cope well with most off road scenarios. The last 3 cars remaining in my list where the Renegade, the subaru xv and the dacia duster. The subaru went off early on, being offered with a 5 speed MT (in 2018 i find that unacceptable). What won me over to the renegade is the sheer torque and power of the 2.0 Multijet which come in VERY handy if you face some steep sand hills. If you want go to the extra mile, and fit the renny with A/T it will trully be unstopable. It's only drawbacks in my opinion is the lack of android auto compatibility and that clutch starts to smell fairly easily. But it never let me down, it saved my ass a few times when i drove in muddy tracks and could easily fall down a cliff and i never got anywhere stuck. The 4x4 system is fairly capable and granted that the driver is not a complete tool, it will go almost anywhere even without a crawl gear. Real life consumption for me is 6.2l/100km with summer tyres and 6.3l/100km with winter tyres with 60/40 urban/city driving. Feel free to ask any questions, i will gladly try to answer them the best i can
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Thanks for your replies guys!

@xMa Tx nice to be-meet you! I also live in Thessaloniki. My main concern is the approach / departure angles of the Reny vs the Duster. Unfortunately I have missed two lightly used trailhawks by the time I found someone to want to by my car...
the dealer of eastern Thessaloniki on the way to the airport told me that you can change the front and rear bumpers of the longtitude model with the trailhawk model, so if that's your only concern then your problem is solved
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Any idea of the cost for this?
No idea but being Greece you have the option to haggle i.e. tell him that if you buy a new renegade you expect a generous discount on the bumpers because without them you are not interested in the vehicle. My dealer was called Eleftheriou (don't recall his name) and i was very pleased with him, i got a free rear view camera installed along with discounts on rubber mats and a full size spare wheel plus repair kit.
Don't go to that route.
You already said you can not afford TH. That added cost, you might want to go straight to TH model.
it's not that simple in Greece. the TH model costs almost 10k more than the longtitude, while a bumper replacement won't go anywhere near that
@xMa Tx do you have the manual or the AT?

Any idea if the AT goes sereal as well or if is it only automatic? My A Class is AT but has a serial option if you want to play around with the gears.
i got the 6-speed manual, hence that i mentioned the clutch issue with the smell. I don't like/trust MT, they give me less control of my vehicle
You said you can not afford the TH Model.

Go for the Suzuki my man for you do not have to modify anything, it is ready as soon as it leaves the lot.
You will be disappointed with the Latitude, most especially if you end up with a transmission problem.
But again, if you want to take the chance, I advise to get the TH Model and put some more cash..
but the suzuki is HORRENDOUS onroad... while the renegade in the latitude trim is a more expensive allrounder
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