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I don't have this problem at the moment, knock on wood, but the Renegade is my first 4WD car and I was wondering what the tread tolerances are on it for replacing a single tire in case of a flat? I know most AWD systems are sensitive to 2/32 vs 1/4 in. just curious if the Jeep 4WD system is also sensitive to 2/32 or if there's some other tolerance?
Per my quattro's manual, tires must have a circumference equal to each other within 3%. A mix of brand-new and worn tires will exceed this limit. The result is driveline stress that exceeds the specifications.

No idea what the limit is on the Renegade. The manual doesn't mention anything. Call Chrysler CS.

Tire shops can and will shave a new tire down to match tread depth.
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