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"Renegade" embroidered stuff

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Not sure if anyone else would be interested and just throwing it out there since I can't really find any model specific items quite just yet... but I was messing around with our embroidery software and equipment at work (promotional advertising) and came up with this...

Even if we can't use this logo specifically (copyright laws and such) would anyone be interested in purchasing any type of embroidered Jeep Renegade stuff? Also the actual Renegade from a design I found on google. Did mine in Blue (software coloring isn't accurate but it's the same bright blue as what's on the jacket) cuz that's the color I own, but it's easily changeable and I can get them in every Renegade color to have options.

Just wondering if I can get a significant quantity to turn it into something.
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Awesome! How about patches?
We don't really to patches here in house. I can use the same file though and sub it out someplace that does patches though, but that's pricier.
Would be awesome to make an emergency/travel fleece throw blanket. I always keep one in the car. My wife usually uses it on trips, but it's a disgusting brown, orange, and blue plaid design. Renegade theme one would be awesome!
Yeah that was the idea I had in mind. Different types of items that people would be interested in. Just have to have enough demand for them since we have a minimum here depending on type of item. We can do polos, jackets, caps, blankets, towels, bags, etc...

I'll see if I get anymore folks interested... so if yall can help round up more people I may be able to get things going. I'd need to know how many people would REALLY be interested though before I can get any pricing information.

Here's the actual embroidered Jeep, needs a few more touch ups to the file to clean it up some more but just a general idea...
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I like the idea of a bag, blanket, and maybe a towel. What's the point of viability for you? 10 people, 15, 25?

We could start a list on google doc form that populates a spreadsheet for you with names, emails, and items people want.
Minimum would be about 24 of each. Anything less than that would be a lot more cost wise.
Also, FWIW, I love the X renegade logo on that sort of stuff.
I agree!

Also I should note that we charge by stitch count and the X Renegade logo would be cheaper to produce than the Jeep rendering one... that one was kinda more just for my fun and benefit haha, but hey if anyone else likes it, it can be done, just a little pricier.
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I am a baseball hat type of person and I would love a hat! I agree with PAK325 about the Renegade X logo! I think that would be sweet on a hat...

Maybe talk to Admin about becoming a vendor or having a sticky made where people can place orders and ideas...... But be careful though because of copyright laws...
Yeah that's what I'm thinking. Like I mentioned before it wouldn't have to be these logos specifically... I dabble in graphic design from time to time so I can probably come up with something similar, maybe using another Renegade design element to avoid any trouble.
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Here's what a cap would look like. Again not going to use that logo, just getting a feel for what type of things we can do...
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I run an embroidery store! HAHA! The designs are great! Care to share the files? You could probably fit the whole car design on the front of a hat if you're talented enough
HA that's pretty cool! Small world! I'm actually working on trying to reduce the size of the whole car so that it fits a cap... it's a little trickier trying to maintain the detail though but we can make it work.

What type of file do you need it saved as? What machines are you running? We use ZSK and Tajima.
We have a ZSK and a Toyota but we use Tajima DST for both.What program do you use? IDS is my software of choice
Yeah DST also... We use Wilcom Embroidery Studio here
I wouldn't mind seeing something like this (using the avatar.
You guys can use any of the images I posted in the smiley thread if you like.

But I'll take the previous one posted if available. :)
Pretty cool! I'll see what I can come up with!!! Thanks for the idea/use of the smilies :)
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I would definitely buy a ball cap with the X logo!
I might be able to do a small run of the X logo caps but I'd have to keep it under the radar so if anyone is interested message me. :)
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