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Renegade in Detroit - Open to Public

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Hi all,

I visited the Detroit auto show yesterday during "industry days", and I'm glad to report there was a Renegade latitude that was open for viewing - I attach just a few photos...hopefully my newly minted membership to the forum will allow this.

This Colorado Red Renegade accompanies an Omaha Orange Trailhawk that is on a stand (can't get into that one), and the two other Mopar Renegades that have been covered before.

A few impressions from a non auto writer:

- Overall, I thought they looked great. The photos portray the feel of the vehicle aesthetic well.
- The vehicle was larger (inside) than I thought it was going to be. Coming from an 05 Escape, I thought it would leave been suitable for our family without being that much smaller.
- It is much larger inside than a Mini Countryman, and has a lot more cargo area
- The interior isn't as nice as the Cherokee - which supports the lower price point. Example - the leather on the wheel wasn't nearly as soft as other FCA products, but it did appear more durable.
- The seats were, in my opinion, the worst part - they feel very soft, and somewhat lumpy - which is a criticism of the Dodge Dart.

It's no Wrangler....but what vehicle is right? And it won't have the fuel economy penalty that a Wrangler does.

Fire away with any questions - I'll do my best to answer them.


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That sounds like really good news for anyone who wants a full size spare and the My Sky roof. Sounds like the panels do store under the floor panel. I can't imagine that they would have to be stored on top of that floor panel. It all just adds up to good news.

Perhaps if someone else goes there they can ask to see them stowed and then report back to all with pictures of them stowed above the full size spare and below the floor panel.
so if you don´t have the mysky roof you have more space in the trunk anyway ...

removed Floor board ... and under this there is the spare Tire

Floor board in at highest Position

So without Roof panels to store in the Trunk it is much bigger ... the height under this is about 9" high ... and if you don´t need a spare Tire you gain an extra 1/3 of this Area under the Floor Board ... ;):D>:D
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Looks great!

I was at the New England Auto Show yesterday. Renegade looks beautiful and only confirms that I'm going to have to wait. My 07 JK was totaled in December, just got 19k from insurance, and the check is burning a hole in my pocket.
Damned ... i can´t see you suffering ... so just send the money over to me ... :x;):D>:D
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