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Renegade in Detroit - Open to Public

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Hi all,

I visited the Detroit auto show yesterday during "industry days", and I'm glad to report there was a Renegade latitude that was open for viewing - I attach just a few photos...hopefully my newly minted membership to the forum will allow this.

This Colorado Red Renegade accompanies an Omaha Orange Trailhawk that is on a stand (can't get into that one), and the two other Mopar Renegades that have been covered before.

A few impressions from a non auto writer:

- Overall, I thought they looked great. The photos portray the feel of the vehicle aesthetic well.
- The vehicle was larger (inside) than I thought it was going to be. Coming from an 05 Escape, I thought it would leave been suitable for our family without being that much smaller.
- It is much larger inside than a Mini Countryman, and has a lot more cargo area
- The interior isn't as nice as the Cherokee - which supports the lower price point. Example - the leather on the wheel wasn't nearly as soft as other FCA products, but it did appear more durable.
- The seats were, in my opinion, the worst part - they feel very soft, and somewhat lumpy - which is a criticism of the Dodge Dart.

It's no Wrangler....but what vehicle is right? And it won't have the fuel economy penalty that a Wrangler does.

Fire away with any questions - I'll do my best to answer them.


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I talked to a rep today at the Utah Auto Show and "saw" the Renegade. The Trailhawk comes standard with a spare, however any things less, it needs to be added as an option.
For those who have gotten to sit in it - How are the blind spots? It seems like there is quite a bit of view blocked in the rear corners. Also, how is storage space (arm rest, glove box, other, etc)?


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