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Did anybody else sign up for updates on the Renegade?

I'm asking because I got my first official Jeep Renegade email update from Jeep yesterday. It's a lot like the official web page as far as information but it ended with this:

Thanks for your interest.
There’s more info on the way.
Soon, you’ll learn about the efficiency and
capability of the All-New Renegade.

I hope by "soon", they actually mean soon!

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i saw the opt in box for it but didn't take any action on it.
would you be able to copy and paste the email here?
i don't think those that didn't originally sign up for it would be able to get the older emails

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It's basically the web page rearranged slightly to be more email friendly. They jsut sent out something to keep you engaged with the brand. For all practical purposes it might as well have been an empty email for anyone interested enough to sign up for notifications.
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