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Renegade most aerodynamic in class

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I thought it was interesting to find out that even with its Jeep defining "boxy" shape, the Renegade is the most aerodynamic vehicle in its Sub-compact SUV segment. The data I have is for the Sport/Latitude/Limited trims only (does not include Trailhawk). Comparing the coefficient of drag, the smaller the number the better. The Renegade is actually even more aerodynamic than a 2013 Camaro. I used and to compare the drag of different models, except for some that I had to google. Feel free to compare to other vehicles as well.

Data – Coefficient of drag:

Jeep Renegade - .35
Nissan Juke (tie) - .35
Buick Encore - .37
Chevy Trax - .36
Mini Countryman - .36
Kia Soul - .38
2013 Chevy Camaro - .37
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