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Renegade Obnoxious Horn Honking

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I would like to eliminate ALL of the instances of horn honking alerts if I could. I’ve learned to not hit the lock button until I’m absolutely ready to get out. Dawdle for a minute and there goes the damn horn.

Other times, such as opening the rear hatch causing it to start honking is so frustrating!

Recently I parked in my driveway and purposely hit the UNLOCK button upon exiting the car as I planned to come back out and do a thorough vacuuming/cleaning. When I returned and opened the driver door the horn started honking. I didn’t have my keys with me. Closing the door did nothing. By the time I ran back in the house to get my keys and returned, the honking had escalated in frequency. None of the buttons on the fob would stop it. Got in the car & started it. Still honking. Turned it off & got out, still honking. It FINALLY stopped but I can’t say if any of the repeated button pushing stopped it. The neighborhood dogs didn’t stop barking for a few more minutes lol

I’m pretty sure at some point in the past I found a setting, possibly having to do with security/safety to turn that off. Now I can’t seem to find it.

Help! That honking is extremely aggravating!!!
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This happens to me all the time and I’m trying to figure out how to disable it or delay it. I’ve had it happen when I’ve specifically hit the unlock button to try to prevent it. When I get out of the car too slow. Yesterday it happened as I was trying to load my dogs and one of them jumped into the front seat. It’s quite frustrating because it’s loud and my key is normally in my purse. No solution. Just saying inexperienced the same thing with my 2020 renegade and now my 2022 renegade.
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