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Renegade Price . Pricing

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What do you think the Renegade will be priced at?
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For the record rumors are suggesting UNDER $20,000 USD

Do you believe it?
under $20k seems really low to me.
I was expecting it to be low to mid $20k's which is fair for an entry-level vehicle like this from jeep.
doesn't Cherokee start in the mid $20s??
doesn't Cherokee start in the mid $20s??
Good point. it starts at $22k.
With that being said the Renegade could start $5k under the cherokee or more.
That is true.

Almost forgot how affordable the Cherokee is.

If we look at the Mini it starts at 22,100 USD.

So if the Renegade wants to compete aggressively it will have to match or undercut that price.
Yeah that's the only way for it to work in an American market and for people to actually buy it. My guess is maybe $17k ?
Hi wildlifer, great information, thank you. Can you please share your source?

Can you please confirm that $25,900 is for a fully loaded Trailhawk with ALL options?
Price range will be $17,900 to 25,900
If they can do that, price it right under $18k that would be awesome.
Any idea what vehicles that they would be competiting with at that price?
Just got off the phone with a Jeep Dealer. Poland market looks like this:
Available for Test ride: from October first week.
Price: Starts from 69000 PLN ~ 16500 Euros (no official communication yet on website or the dealership though)
I just cross checked the price in other European countries looks like Poland is 12-12.5% cheaper.
Still Trail hawk would be expensive for its segment. I am really looking forward to the test drive now.
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I'm guessing USA pricing with start at $14.9K-$22.7K! This is based on UK pricing and some number skewering.
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