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Production expanded to Saturdays.
Now over 1000 Renegades a day.

Dutch article
CB, great find, thank you. Here it is via Google Translate:

Fiat Melfi now also runs on Saturday

The Fiat factory in Melfi running overtime and currently cites figures from before the crisis. The future of the Punto and the Renegade assembly will take place on Saturdays. In October wrote we already on the move to three shifts associated with increased production of this important production site in the province of Potenza. The production of the 500X is not even on steam, but the high demand for the new small Jeep makes all overtime. Moreover, currently increasing demand for the old familiar Punto again.

This week alone there will be 700 additional Renegade are fabricated on top of the planned 5000 units. Since last week the production of the Jeep Renegade is inflated to more than 1000 pieces per day. The 500X is currently still a few dozen a day, which has to do with the run-up to the international market launch early next year. Of the total of 5941 employees at the factory, only 10% can not fully working. Is expected early next year that last percentage back to work.

As mentioned, the Punto doing it up again, everything has to do with the reduction of the price of the gas versions of this bestseller. There are approximately 500 Puntos per day currently produced. Fiat wants the production of the hatchback, therefore, not earlier than cease in 2016.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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