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Need a quick escape from the summer heat! Silverton can't be beat.


At over 9000' above sea level, you'll enjoy fabulous sunny and 70 degree days and crisp evenings. And when we hit the passes at 13,000ft, you'll even need a jacket!

Feast your eyes on these Renegade Rally preview pics! And know that you'll also be among the first to enjoy these high mountain Jeep trails in your new Renegade.

Silverton Jeep Trail Slideshow

Silverton abounds with famous and incredibly scenic routes like Imogene Pass, Engineer Pass, California Gulch, and Cinnamon pass to name but a few. Add these to your bucket list and then come start crossing them off next week at the Inaugural Renegade Rally!

Enjoy a long weekend in the mountains--you deserve it!

Registration is informal and there will be no cost to register or participate in the Rally this year--we just need to know that you're coming! If you're ready to commit, or perhaps need a personal phone call and some cajoling, just jump to our registration page and put in your contact info.

That's right, Renegade Rally 2015 is FREE, and will be awesome to boot. There was a big snow in late May so the whole area is still scenically blanketed with large drifts of snow, new waterfalls, the wild flowers are starting to bloom! Silverton is ready and waiting for a Renegade stampede.

Register Today!

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