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Renegade Enthusiasts,
It's time to stop mulling over your summer plans, put away the pencil and eraser, break out the permanent marker and circle July 16-19 for the inaugural Renegade Rally in Silverton CO!

Registration is informal as there will be no cost to register or participate in the Rally this year, we just need to know that you're coming! If you're ready to commit, or perhaps need a personal phone call and some cajoling, just jump to our registration page and put in your contact info.

That's right, Renegade Rally 2015 is FREE, and will be awesome to boot. The snow cover was light in the area this year and that means that the trails will all be ready and waiting for the Renegade stampede to the area.

For the uninitiated: imagine a postcard perfect mountain vista; now imagine a Jeep road right to the top, or over it and around the bend. The roads are steep, remote, and occasionally challenging, but perfectly suited to the capabilities of the Renegade. Let yours take you to the places you've only been dreaming about till now. If you're having trouble imagining, be sure to watch our youtube teaser video or check-out the slideshow full of mind-blowing mountain scenery you'll be driving!

See you in Silverton!
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