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Renegade Rally Starts Tomorrow(7-16-2015)!

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It's not too late to join the fun! Of course it's a little easier if you happened to be located in Colorado or a neighboring state! RENEGADE RALLY 2015

If you do live nearby: call in sick to work, tell you're spouse you're going to the corner store and will be back in 3 days, gas up your Renegade with premium for the placebo effect to take hold and head for the mountains!

Silverton Colorado Here We Come.

Enjoy the clear mountain air, the wildflowers in bloom, and the bewildered faces of all the Jeep Rubicon owners you'll meet at 13,000ft who are ashamed to admit their 39" tires are really just for show.

Come for the weekend or come for a day - the Renegade Rally this year is an informal gathering open to all Jeep Renegade enthusiasts - just use our contact form to tell us you're coming so we won't miss you on the trails.

Check out pictures and details at and we'll see you in Silverton!

The Red Mountain Range

Telluride Mountain Town
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I haven't been to Silverton since I was just a kid. Great photos! Wish I could join the fun.
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What beautiful scenery. Reminds me of where I grew up in British Columbia. Also can't wait for the pictures.
Wish I could make it - have fun!
I've been thinking of this event since I first saw this post. While I'm not interested in serious off-roading, this looks like the great time/vacation trip DW and I are looking forward to. Will definitely follow this website for future events.
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