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Renegade Sport OEM fog light install

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Short story, I purchased a renegade sport 4x4 with a bunch of packages that basically made it a latitude minus the fog lights. That being said I want oem fogs. I spent several hours finding the parts numbers for the mounting hardware. Maybe this information can help someone with their project.

The fog light bezels Blk/Gry (part you insert into bumper side specific)
5XB28XS9AA Right
5XB32XS9AA Left

Fog light housing (not side specific)
68256470AA (you need two of these)

Screw Clips
6106180AA (you need four)

6107137AA (you need four)

The installation is self explanatory after you get the bumper plugs out. I have not researched the wiring as of yet but will update when info is available. Any information on wiring would be appreciated. I included the two parts diagrams I altered to include parts numbers for reference.

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I just bought a 2018 Renegade Sport and would love to get fog lamps installed...I know it has been a topic of discussion but can it be done...if so can you show and explain how. Thanks
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