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My wife has a '17 Renegade Latitude, 2.4L auto.
No issues whatsoever after about 24K miles.
I have an '18 Renegade TH, 2.4L auto.
About 24K miles, no issues.

As far as back seat legroom, the reason we looked at the Renegade for my wife in the first place was because we had one as a rental for a week.
I'm 6'1", wife is 5'8", son is 6'3", daughter is 5'10".
With me driving, either of the kids could sit behind me comfortably. Obviously, sitting behind my wife was no kind of problem.
I've set the front seats of both Renegades to be comfy for me, and I'm just fine in the back seat.

I have no use for manual transmission.

How am I supposed to drink coffee, talk on the phone, text, change the radio, smoke cigarettes, shave and send email on my laptop if I also have to shift?
Something had to give.

Cars are personal choices.
This is our sixth Jeep.

I'd just as soon have a Prius as a Subaroo.

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21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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