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Renegade tough mudder

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just bought myself one
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Likewise welcome.

We in the U.S. are unfamiliar with this trim level. What does it include? Is it a Trailhawk variation?
So it's mechanically a Trailhawk, except with the 2.0 TD engine? But with non-TH bumpers?

Weird to see all the controls on the wrong side... :) Thank God the gas pedal is correct...

Regarding posting photos, it's easier to just click-and-drag them from wherever they are on your computer, to wherever in the post you want to insert them...
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Pictures or a tutorial ;):p
Seriously? ('Cuz I never know with you....) ;)

OK then...

1. Have the Forum message that you're composing open.

2. Open a new window showing the contents of the folder where the photo is.

3. Now either:

a. Right-click on the photo, select Copy, navigte to the message at the location where you want to insert the photo, right-click again, and select Paste; or even easier...

b. Left-click on the photo and hold it, while holding move the curser to the browser icon in the program tray at the bottom of your screen (if you have it set up that way)...


...and hover there until the window with the draft message opens, move the curser to where you want to insert the photo, then release the left button. That's "click-and-drag."

There are probably other ways to do it too...
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