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Hello everyone,

I own the TH since February had almost 6000km and all things work well except two major issues that came up ...

1. Everytime I tried to get on the pavement or park into my garage which is a little bit higher than the level of the road the rear suspension did a noisy sound (bap) like something was in the boot and hit the sides of it. I took it to Jeep's service centre here in Athens and they silenced that sound without convincing me about the reason that was happening, but i should keep my ears open if it continious to take it back again.

2. During driving a hill road in the city i have to stop and wait for the light to go green. I'm stepping on the brake, transmition is on Drive position and suddenly the car does something like it wants to go -I thought that someone hit the back of the car. Still stepping on the brake and it does it again and again and it's moving but it is also still!!! Hill assist failure?? transmition failure?? 4WD failure?? Any ideas or any sollutions about it??
They told me at Jeep that they had to do some upgrades to the car's software and that would be the end of it. Ok they did it and the problem still remains...

Any information about software updates on the car? What are all these patches and staff and what for?

I love my car but it started troubling me.. I hope that all this will soon end..
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