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Alright, well I've been a reader of the forum pretty much since I got my Trailhawk about 3 months ago, but have waited to post until today. I have a white trailhawk with standard everything and no hood decal (yet). I love it and have had nothing but great experiences with it. Decided to break it in over the past couple weeks by taking it on a road-trip.

Went from SA Texas to Las Cruces NM. Then to Phoenix AZ. Then up to Moab. From there headed into Colorado through Grand Junction, Boulder, Fort Collins, then South into Denver and Colorado Springs, and finally one last big 13 hour drive from Colorado Springs back to SA. In total I did 3448mi in 12 days with 71 and a half hours of total drive time with an average of 25 mpg for the trip. I now have 6298 miles with no major problems. The only thing so far that I'll be taking it in to the shop next week for is that I went through too deep of a "puddle" a bit too fast and it tweaked the horn. Apparently the horn is behind the driver side head light and now it's pretty squeaky instead of the initial pleasant deep horn.

Notables of the road-trip:
-I saw 3 renegades along the way (2 trailhawks and one limited).
-I got questions and compliments all over the place, especially in Colorado where everyone seemed to love it and I found a higher number of people who already knew what it was.
-Went off-roading in Moab and Arches NP. There happened to be a trailhawk Cherokee the pulled down the same road right behind me so we took turns leading through the trails. The renegade was a champ! No slipping and never felt out of control or under-powered. Even from deep sand to steep inclines, it did great and went everywhere the Cherokee did. I even had a better ability to get around big obstacles that the cherokee had to go over. The approach/departure angles of the renegade were a noticeable benefit as well.
-53 mph seems to be the sweet spot that I found. On flat road I was getting over 40 mpgs at that speed... it's just so rare that you can ever actually drive that speed.
-Got pulled over in Utah. The officer complimented the jeep and was a Spurs fan so I got off even at 20 mph over the speed limit (it's hard to focus on your speed when trying to get a movie to play for a 2 year old in the back seat).

Looking forward to chatting with other owners and getting feedback from everyone! Be dareful out there!

To new adventures!
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