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Renegade v Patriot?

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HELP! Having trouble deciding between the two :/
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I like the patriots also what killed them the trail rated comes with a bad cvt. And they went cheap on interior trim. I don't see why so many kick there tires. There's tons of them still running. People forget there d&a. I don't want to be rude to anyone I'm looking to get some jeep products but. The renagade is from fix it again tony. It's been 3 years and be honest with everyone. The transmission suck look how many problems are posted on a new $30 grand SUV?. It's like lip stick on a pig. It's a fiat plain and simple. But when I was at the dealer Saturday the salesman said if you don't need a car wait. January or February the new patriots will be here. Totally different car on a stretch platform. Bigger than a renagade and smaller than than a Cherokee. He claims its to fill the voided area and tow around 3,500 pounds. And speaking of problems the other fourm is posting 4x4 lock out problems on units with 10 grand on the ticker. There trail hawk is not staying in 4 wheel lock and getting error ****s. I don't know I'm not a new world auto tec. I still like pre 1990 cars and trucks. But everyone has put bigger tires on there SUV. Not monsters but 2 sizes plus.
Just my 2 cents don't shoot me. But this SUV has been out long enuff to get some of there bugs out.

Have you ever owned a new Fiat?? I have and the little 500 was a great little car. I was considering the Fiat 500X but went with the Renegade because of the anytime 4wheel drive since I live in Colorado. I don't take much stock in people reporting issues on this forum. If you go to any vehicle forum you hear all the same issues and complaints.
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