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Renegade vs. Fiat 500X

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I've test driven both and I'm 50/50.:eek: I have 6 months before I am actually going to buy. I have some more test driving to do in the mean time. Just wondering what other peoples thoughts are on these two vehicles.
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Plus I was so sick of silver or blue.
So I went with yellow. Only ever seen one other yellow Renegade apart from mine, but seen other colours in abundance, so exclusive club.
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This post is weird for me because these were my 2 final vehicle choices . Liked them both but in the end , living in Colorado, I decided on the Renegade. I want to be the one to push it into 4 wheel drive not the vehicle computer.
Definitely. I too would like to push it into 4WD rather than a computer. If I had a 4WD that is.
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