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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I purchased the slush mats from & these guys were awesome. My first shipment didn't show any tracking info for 4 days, I contacted them via the site & received an email back from Brian almost immediately. He kept checking the tracking all day & when it hadn't updated by end of business day, he had another set shipped out via fedex. In the end I received both shipments & they were quick to send me the shipping sticker to send one set back with an apology for any inconvenience this caused. Brian was a pleasure to deal with & I recommend them to anyone.
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I second that. Brian is very helpful and RReady carries almost all the accessories available in USA. I use them for everything and highly recommend to fellow Rene owners.
ah this is interesting, someone should try and contact them to be a vendor on the site...
ah this is interesting, someone should try and contact them to be a vendor on the site...

I would be more than happy to send Brian an email. Just let me know what he would need to do.
I also ordered mats from them. They came 4 days from the date of purchased (one of those days was a Sunday). Great service and the mats are great. I will probably be ordering the trailer hitch from them soon as well. Although I'd like to see it on sale again. It was $299 over the weekend and is listed at $350 or so now.
When I ordered the hitch from them. They gave me a call about 5 minutes afterwards and talked to me about the hitch and the installation. It was very thoughtful and made me feel really good about such a large purchase. He gave me a quick detailed rundown of the whole installation, telling me where I might have issues and what tools they found most useful.

To add to that I was blown away at the instructions that came with it. Nice glossy paper with real color pictures and color coded diagrams of where to find each individual bolt, fastener, clip and screw.

Renegade Ready is a great company. Its always a pleasure to find a place that prides themselves in their customer service as well as their products as much as they do.
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I just wish there "coming soon" pages were here... would like to see what they have as roof-rack options, in particular. When my Renegade arrives, I will be buying the mats from them, though.
got my mats there them much more than stock carpet ones
Ordered mine and delivered in three days. Quality looks to be quite good.
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