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Resetting the Oil Change Required Indicator

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Resetting the Oil Change Required Indicator

If the engine oil is changed before the oil change required indicator has been tripped/displayed does it need to be reset?
If it does need to be reset (see page 163 of the user's guide) how does one know it has been reset if there was no indicator to start with?

From Page 163 of the User's Guide
Your vehicle is equipped with an engine oil change indicator system. The Oil Change
telltale and message (Oil Change Required) will display in the EVIC/DID display for
approximately 10 seconds, after a single chime has sounded, to indicate the next
scheduled oil change interval. The engine oil change indicator system is duty-cycle
based, which means the engine oil change interval may fluctuate dependent upon
your personal driving style.
Unless reset, this message will continue to display each time you turn the ignition
switch to the MAR/RUN position for vehicles not equipped with Keyless Enter-NGO
™, or cycle the ignition to the ON/RUN position for vehicles equipped with Keyless
Enter-N-Go™. To turn off the message temporarily, push and release the MENU
button. To reset the oil change indicator system (after performing the scheduled
maintenance), refer to the following procedure:

Vehicles Equipped With Keyless Enter-N-Go™
1. Without pushing the brake pedal, push the ENGINE START/STOP button and
cycle the ignition to the ON/RUN position (do not start the engine).
2. Fully depress the accelerator pedal, slowly, three times within 10 seconds.
3. Without pushing the brake pedal, push the ENGINE START/STOP button once to
return the ignition to the OFF/LOCK position.

Vehicles Not Equipped With Keyless Enter-N-Go™
1. Turn the ignition switch to the MAR/RUN position (do not start the engine).
2. Fully depress the accelerator pedal, slowly, three times within 10 seconds.
3. Turn the ignition switch to the STOP/OFF position.

If the indicator message illuminates when you start the engine, the oil change
indicator system did not reset. If necessary, repeat these steps.
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There are OEM and aftermarket scan tools that plug into the OBD II port and that can be used to change settings, diagnose and clear trouble codes, reset the OCI display etc. There is free software like Carman that you may use on a tablet to phone. Connection is usually with a bluetooth dongle (you have to buy it) that plugs into the OBD II port.
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Some have mentioned the oil change reminder and the service reminder need to be reset separately. This is to expected, since with a flexible oil monitor, oil change interval and service interval do not necessarily coincide. The OLM counts down to the next required oil change, the service reminder counts down to scheduled maintenance performed after fixed intervals.

The OLM decides if the oil needs changing based on projected oil condition. Depending on the severity of use, the oil may last anywhere from about 3,500 0 to about 10,000 miles (Don't foregt to top off if running low). Resetting the OLM should start a new flexible countdown cycle to the next required oil change. The OLM should be resettable by the user, since the user may want to do early oil changes, while still wanting to make use of the OLM for the next oil change.

The vehicle service reminder is fixed and based on miles driven (10,000) or time (one year), whichever occurs first. Only if the OLM projects oil life for 10,000 miles within one year, do oil change and scheduled maintenance coincide. The maintenance countdown may be resettable only by the dealer with an electronic scan tool. Hopefully there is a way for the vehicle operator to reset the service reminder, since at least some of use do their own maintenance or go to independent shops for service.
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Hey Clifton, my comment was merely a general comment in regard to OLM and service indicators.

I have searched the Renegade manual, and while the manual says in the section about oil changes that there is info on resetting the oil change indicator light in the section about EVIC/DID, I could not find anything about it there.

However, I hazard a guess that the EVIC/DID will display a reminder message once an oil change is due. This should be part of the display options under "vehicle info." I can only presume that there is also an indicator light, which will be turned off once the reminder message has been reset. I don't know if the OLM on the Renegade visibly counts down how many miles you have left to an oil change, or if you are merely notified when it's time. It varies from brand to brand.
Well, since the scheduled maintenance interval is 10,000 miles or once a year, whichever occurs first, a service reminder is really unnecessary for all but the most forgetful drivers. Some engineers assume the worst, clearly Jeep does not. >:D
I've now heard so many different answers to this question. Most tell me 5kto 6k on synthetic. When I bought my Renegade, the Jeep dealership say, "Oh these are good for 10k between oil changes!". Which i was highly skeptical of. others have said they wait till 7k. I got my first oil change at 6k, just to be safe.
As far as i know, the Renagde comes with an OLM (oil life monitor). The OLM is flexible and takes various factors into account to make a good guess at oil condition. For example, miles driven, fuel consumed, and things like number of start-ups, RPM and oil temperatures may be included in determining oil condition and projecting when the next oil change is due.

In general I would trust the OLM. If I were uncertain, I would have an UOA (used oil analysis performed (for example at Blackstone or Caterpillar). This will show oil condition and also abnormal wear, if there is any.

How long oil may be used depends on many factors: driving style, severe driving/towing/off-roading, dust, distance and amount of fuel burnt. Mythic oil can generally go at least 7,500 miles (10 000 km) or more. In my current car, I can easily got 10-12k miles, although the manufacturer specs 7,5000 mi oil change intervals. I confirmed this via repeated UOAs.

During the warranty period one should stick to the factory-recommended oil change interval to maintain coverage. Once the warranty is over, one may experiment for freely. I certainly do that.

So, if the vehicle has an OLM, go by that. If the car has no OLM, go by what the manual says. Likely the manual lists a normal oil change interval, for example every 7,500 miles or once a year, whichever occurs first, and it will give a shorter interval for "severe service" (towing, off-roading, racing, dusty environment).

A dealer may want to talk you into more frequent oil changes, because they want to make a profit. That's fine if you don't mind wasting resources and money, but your engine won't benefit from it.
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YOil changer reminders aren't something new, they been around several years on some vehicles.

OLMs have been featured on many passenger cars since the late '80s.
The steps will reset OIL change message BUT the mileage counter needs to be reset too, I FINALLY found this out from dealership, The mileage counter HAS to be reset with a WY Diagnostic tool, by the dealership OR a Mechanic that has one. My dealership reset mine for free after I bugged them for 3 weeks about it. They HOWEVER set it to 5000 for next oil change. They stated that is the MAX setting they are allowed to set it to, and that IF I DO NOT come to them for next oil change it will cost $40 for them to reset it again. My regular mechanic that does my oil changes doesn't have this tool, but will only charge me $50 for oil change.
So basically the dealership is blackmailing you. I'd call FCA CS and ask how they justify that your dealer won't let you make full use of the flexible service interval, but that the dealer instead forces a 5k mile OCI on you.
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