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Resetting the Oil Change Required Indicator

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Resetting the Oil Change Required Indicator

If the engine oil is changed before the oil change required indicator has been tripped/displayed does it need to be reset?
If it does need to be reset (see page 163 of the user's guide) how does one know it has been reset if there was no indicator to start with?

From Page 163 of the User's Guide
Your vehicle is equipped with an engine oil change indicator system. The Oil Change
telltale and message (Oil Change Required) will display in the EVIC/DID display for
approximately 10 seconds, after a single chime has sounded, to indicate the next
scheduled oil change interval. The engine oil change indicator system is duty-cycle
based, which means the engine oil change interval may fluctuate dependent upon
your personal driving style.
Unless reset, this message will continue to display each time you turn the ignition
switch to the MAR/RUN position for vehicles not equipped with Keyless Enter-NGO
™, or cycle the ignition to the ON/RUN position for vehicles equipped with Keyless
Enter-N-Go™. To turn off the message temporarily, push and release the MENU
button. To reset the oil change indicator system (after performing the scheduled
maintenance), refer to the following procedure:

Vehicles Equipped With Keyless Enter-N-Go™
1. Without pushing the brake pedal, push the ENGINE START/STOP button and
cycle the ignition to the ON/RUN position (do not start the engine).
2. Fully depress the accelerator pedal, slowly, three times within 10 seconds.
3. Without pushing the brake pedal, push the ENGINE START/STOP button once to
return the ignition to the OFF/LOCK position.

Vehicles Not Equipped With Keyless Enter-N-Go™
1. Turn the ignition switch to the MAR/RUN position (do not start the engine).
2. Fully depress the accelerator pedal, slowly, three times within 10 seconds.
3. Turn the ignition switch to the STOP/OFF position.

If the indicator message illuminates when you start the engine, the oil change
indicator system did not reset. If necessary, repeat these steps.
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Like so many other posters, I was extremely frustrated by my inability to turn off the Oil Change Required indicator message, and tried all of the previous suggestions to no avail. Then I recalled that I was always annoyed that when I get my car back from the dealer having done any work on the vehicle, I find myself driving around town at night without my headlights on because for some reason, the dealer always turns it from automatic where I always keep it, to the off position and I forget to check them. Anyway, it got me thinking and so I tried turning my headlights from automatic to the off position and then followed the standard procedure of turning on the ignition, pumping the gas 3 times, turning off the ignition and finally pushing in the clutch and starting the vehicle. And eureka, that pesky message was nowhere to be seen.
Now, like one of the previous posters who swore it had something to do with turning off the automatic parking brake (a solution that did not seem work for others and certainly not me), perhaps my success was just a confluence of other random events and had nothing at all to do with me turning off the headlights, but I am hopeful this proves to be secret. Clearly, I will need to wait another 9,000 km or so before I can try it again and confirm this to be the trick, but if anyone else with a 2017 1.4L manual transmission has success in the interim, please let us know.
I feel vindicated LOL. I'm coming up on my next change soon, if I go by when the last light came on, so I'll get to try my method of shutting off the auto parking brake and going thru the standard procedure again.

This car is very finicky, which leads me to believe there are many differences from one build to another.

Anyway, glad you found what

makes yours happy.

Just tried the reset after about 7500 since last reset. It took after about the third try. No auto brake on. 3 gas pedal depressions within 10 seconds of turning the ignition key to run or acc.
Any Examiner style software/OBD cable can
be used to reset the oil change light.

This has been standard on EU FCA cars for
almost 20 years. Part of EU rules concerning
car servicing is that there is no lock-in to a
dealer network for servicing.
I have a 2016 1.4L and I have never been able turn off the oil change notification.
I have tried it with Auto Brake off and the ebrake off, I messed with the auto lights, no luck. I once had the wife take it to the dealer. She said they struggled with it, and eventually got the message to go away, but of course she did not know how they did it.
I have tried all sorts of speeds of pressing on the pedal and delays after ignition on. I have watched YouTube videos hoping to see something new I have not tried. Nothing works. Now I'm just pissed off over it and sick of it.
2017 1.4 Turbo / Manual Transmission

Did my first oil change today at 10,100 miles

Dealer did it prior , I bought it used with 5,000 miles

Oil reset light

Anyways I was trying to do everything within 10 seconds

Literally tried it about 20 times , different speeds , different times blah blah E brake on/off

Wife was like what the hell you doing after oil change on her 2015 Outlander Sport earlier

That oil reset light the first time was a duzzy also , but now 50,000 miles later , manual transmission on hers also


Was ready to give up and figured would call the dealer tomorrow or at least stop by when

E Brake Off

Hit the button - Waited for the chime to stop - Waited for the dash/idiot lights to go thru it’s process and everything set
This alone was probably over 10 seconds

Then i did the gas pedal three times slowly making sure all three where done within 10 seconds

Hit the start button - Turned Off

Restarted and was like kick ass , no oil change light

So the whole process was around 20-30 seconds total

Where as earlier I was trying to complete EVERYTHING within 10 seconds

I think the key is , no pun intended

Letting the dash go thru it’s progression after hitting the start button , chime done

Then completing the three gas pedals within 10 seconds slowly

It worked for me
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The accessories on/engine off/3x gas pedal within 5 seconds worked fine - even with the parking brake on. Perhaps dumb luck on my part... :)
Gotta say this has been a pain went through one oil change with the light on ,it drove me nuts. So this time I tried again I have a 2018 1.4 turbo 6speed the trick was to turn on the headlights turn off the brake then wait for gauges to come on 3 pedal pushes turned it of waited for lights to go out turned on Good To Go thanks everyone

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Oh, what a thing!!! Two years... Two years that I refused to drive the hour and a half to a Jeep dealer to be charged to turn off my oil light. TWO YEARS of trying the On/engOFF, Gas peddle x3, OFF, then clutch and start (On/engON).

2017 1.4 ltr Manual 6 speed / Prox key

Things I did (per previous posters) not sure if they had any impact... at all. I say this because I tried for over an hour due to frustration on this time.

Probably not necessary:
1. Turned of auto e-brake (wheel chocks recommended)(be safe)
2. Turned off daytime running lights (in settings)(found in radio)
3. Turned off greeting lights.

What worked:
1. Turned ignition On/engOFF
2. Gas peddle x6 quickly (did not wait for gages to settle)
3. Turned ignition Off/engOFF
4. Pressed clutch and started (On/engON).

Why did it take 6 presses on the gas peddle? My guess, timing. As I stated above, I did not wait for the gauges to settle. I quickly slammed the gas peddle six times and quickly turned off the ignition, pressed the clutch and started the Renegade. To my utter surprise, I was greeted with "You have no messeges"!!!

Why are people having issues? Well, as I guessed above, it comes down to timing. Every one of these vehicles has an over-reaching computer system (imo). I think this causes the acceptable window for this procedure to work, to vary from Jeep to Jeep.

Disregard the 10 second rule. If you can do it in 2 or 3 seconds, that is fine. Disregard the 3 pump rule. You want to have at least 3 pumps hit your vehicles start-up window.

I hope this helps. This has bothered me for way too long.
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I just wanted to add my 2 pence/cents!

UK 2016 Renegade Night Eagle, 1.6 M-Jet Diesel 47K miles

I've tried all the previously mentioned steps. I know that its been reset before, if I remember by the garage, during the previous services. However this time the garage couldn't reset it, said they needed to update their software.

As I don't what not have to go back again I tried all the previous mentioned steps and it will not reset.

One comment that I have which seems to be different to the videos posted is that I do not get the warning if the engine is not running. If I go to messages with ignition on (engine not running) I get 'there are no message' or something similar.

I've also not been back to a Jeep garage since I bought the car, so its probably not running the latest onboard software.

quite frustrating tbh.
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Hi Everyone,

After changing my oil (before the oil change necessary warning message came on), a few weeks later the dreaded message appeared - drat. I knew this was going to be a problem, since the last time that happened when I changed the oil, I was unable to reset the message despite trying all of the suggestions listed above. However, since the vehicle (2016 Latitude 1.4 manual transmission) was still under warranty, I took it to the local dealer to have them reset it. Well, three technicians and a computer hook up later, they finally got it to go off. They never said exactly what did the trick, so I was hoping that they had just removed the little gremlin under the hood who was responsible for posting the message. Sadly, this did not happen and the little gremlin is still on the job.

So, after trying all of the suggested reset configurations listed - lights on/off; parking brake on/off; gauges settled/unsettled; slow presses/fast presses; etc; etc; nothing was doing the trick. Just as I was about to close up shop and resign myself to be greeted by the image of a dripping oil can for the rest of my time with the Jeep, I remembered that someone had said something about having the dash menu on the "Message" setting while doing the reset. OK - tried that - still nothing. Just for fun, I tried it one more time and held down the "ok" button on the steering wheel as I tried the procedure again - RESULT! When I turned the ignition on again, the "Messages" was empty!

As one other poster mentioned, perhaps we just got lucky. But for anyone who wants to try this, here is my winning combination:

1. Lights off
2. Parking brake off
3. Dash menu set to "Messages"
4. Ignition on
5. Press accelerator pedal 3x within the 10 seconds while holding in the "ok" button on the steering wheel.
6. Ignition off

Good Luck!
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I reset the other day. I have a 2018 with push button start. The way I reset was, press the start button, press the accelerator 5X and then turn the power off. That reset my oil indicator.
I noticed a very important step that everyone was missing. In order for the reset to work, it's vital to have the tip of your tongue sticking out of the left corner of your mouth while performing the reset. Right corner of your mouth has no effect. Left.

At least on my Jeep.
Hello :)
On a EU spec 1.6D with dpf (16MY) Does resetting the oil change light with the gas pedal reset the oil degradation system too? Not long after I bought the car it went into a de-rate because the oil had been changed, the light reset but the degradation system wasn't reset.
  • If this process doesn`t reset oil degradation, can it be done without a dealer? (is that legal in the EU?? ;))
  • Does anyone know how often on average does the degradation monitor have to be reset?
Thanks :)
Resetting the oil change message and indicator light does NOT work with the gas pedal procedure. Tried several procedures.
Its an EU car MY 2015...maybe does not work on them?

I will try the procedure with OK button and menu in messages, i'm curious but have not so much hope.


I have bought a Foxwell NT530 diagnostic tool.
I managed to reset the Oil Counter reset (days and KM) this worked fine within the Instrument Dashboard Cluster

OIL CHANGE MESSAGE and LIGHT are still popping up when engine is running..
HOW CAN I RESET THIS? btw, the 3x pedal push trick does NOT work.

Has anyone the NT530 Foxwell procedure?

Kind regards and thank you

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So much complication here. Change the oil every 5000 miles. Check the oil monthly or after a long road trip. They burn oil so you will need to add oil within that 5000 miles without a doubt.
This always works for me:
Engine On (not running)
Press accelerator pedal fully 3 times within 10 seconds
Engine Off
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