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Returning Jeep Owner

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Hey gang - former Jeep owner looking to get back in the family!

Had a 2012 Patriot and was very active in the forums while I was an owner.

Living back in OH now and definitely need a Jeep for the winter coming up. Renegade TH is on the top of my list, but still considering the colors/options.

I actually sell Mercedes-Benz for a Penske dealership, but I want the Renegade way more than a Benz haha. If anyone has any general car buying questions I would be happy to help.

Looking forward to my next Jeep!
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Welcome! Similar story here - former Wrangler owner who always wanted to get back in a Jeep. And, like you, I needed something to get me through the snow in the winter. Enjoy the forum!
and enjoy the forum!
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Awesome and welcome! Just finally received my order last week. Black TH with MySky, Popular Equipment Group, and 6.5Uconnect and Nav. Loving it so far! :D
Dealer just got back to me that they located a white TH with the exact options I want! Wohooo! Now I need to find an anvil one to see in person...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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