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Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform

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Yesterday I got my new roof rack in the mail and installed. I opted for this system because it came with universal mounts I could use on the crossbars I bought originally. Something about spending $300 on crossbars for a platform that already costs $550 didn’t seem too appealing. So everything with the rack worked really well. I put it together in my living room in about an hour and used the universal crossbars mounts to put it on the car. What was especially nice is that the kit I bought came with all the necessary hardware to mount it to rhino racks own crossbars if I ever choose to do that in the future (I won’t).

In addition to the platform, I also bought their mounts for my cheap off brand awning That I’m in love with. Usually, I would just use what I have or make my own mounts, but these were powder coated so I went for it. The tracks on the platform make it so incredibly easy to adjust everything as needed, and I’m very much looking forward to mounting my traction boards, shovel, camp chairs, etc to the platform. That being said, I will not be buying Rhino Racks’ proprietary mounting systems. $120 for a traction board mount that I can make for $10? No thank you. I think that’s the appeal for me with this platform, you can kind of make it your own.

Some pictures after I got it installed with the awning mounts.


(Check the Rainbow)


I plan on installing my shovel mount (quick fist) and traction boards sometime this weekend. I’ll update with more pictures if anyone is interested
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Trailer hitch pins for want of a better description is what I started typing earlier and it all became quite confusing due to the terminology from across "The pond".

The pins we use to secure our trailer number plate boards with some heavy 100LB breaking strain fishing line (doesn't rot) attached would suffice.

Securing the screwed rod will only need a vice and perhaps a small 2mm hole 3mm at tops for using the pins. The secret is to very lightly grind off the threads on opposite sides of the rod ever so little. Hit the flat part with a small centre punch, just enough that your drill bit will get a grip and apply light pressure. The hole will be drilled in no time at all and fitted the rod reinstalled.

Fit the boards and fit the pin :love:
I have never thought about using 100lb test fishing line before. That’s an awesome idea! Thanks!
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Good afternoon. Looked closely at the photos, it looks great. Have you reduced the width of the platform? Or can you tell me the size of the platform you bought.
Can you please tell me what type of slats did you use?
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