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Hi Guys,

We aren't Renegade owners yet, but we're hoping to get one in our shop to prototype rock sliders, roof racks and possibly a winch mount and lift kit. The winch mount will dependent on the amount of room there is and the lift kit will be dependent on how the suspension is set up from the factory.

If you are in Utah (or willing to visit), and are interested in this, please get in touch with us, 888-801-7271 and we'll try to arrange something. In exchange for the use of your Jeep, we will install the parts on your vehicle for free.
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And, lets not forget about the South American Mopar Renegade Trailhawk LIFT:

"unable to post pictures due to low post count"

So, any comparison to the Cherokee can be put to REST!!!
I would love to get a winch bumper like that one. It does not stick way out the front like the Daystar winch bumper.
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