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Hey all,

I've had this weird issue with the Renny since I got it. But was barely noticeable and has recently gotten worse.

When's its been sitting for a few hours and I first hop in, start it, and put it in gear... I get this weird "jumping" in RPM for the first 1-2 Minutes of driving. It's not very noticeable when driving, but very annoying when idling.

I'd describe it as, if I was slightly stepping on the accelerator and letting off. Making it bounce between idle and 1000-1400RPM.

This has lately become a concern as I need to firmly hang on the brakes to insure I don't roll into another car behind me while backing out. (Narrow Street).

By the time I make it a block away from my house, the issue vanishes and the car idles absolutely perfectly.

I was going to have it checked out during my next oil change sometime next month... but was wondering if I should take it in sooner.

Other than that, the Renny runs absolutely perfect and fun to drive! :)

Any experiences or insight would be greatly appreciated!

**I will add my Renny already received a new BCM and update a about 4000 miles back. Took it in for a rattling door, the car got stuck in gear in front of the service area at the dealership.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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