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Just some helpful advice to anyone who notices rough idling after startup, while in reverse, and shifting...

Currently at 7k miles, and I was experiencing those issues on my '05 Renegade Limited. The problem seemed to be getting more noticeable, especially the gear shifting (auto trans).

I did run a UConnect update shortly after purchasing the vehicle in February, and there were no current updates since. I remembered seeing something in this forum mentioning that there are additional computer updates that can be run on the vehicle if you bring it into a Jeep dealership.

I brought it down yesterday, mentioned the above problems, and asked if they can inspect the car and its computer to make sure everything is calibrated. He said that they would run any computer updates that were outstanding, and from what I described, it should fix it.

Sure enough, they ran a powertrain control (PCM) reprogram, and I noticed a significant improvement during the drive home. The car shifted cleaner, and there was no rough idling.

I recommend anyone with similar problems head to an authorized dealership and ask for powertrain (or any outstanding) updates.

I will update this post if there are any issues from a cold start.
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