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Rubber (gummi) Floor Mats

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Does anyone from Italy, Austria or Germany know if the rubber (gummi) floor mats are available from Jeep? I am interested in a complete set - front, rear and cargo area.

My dealer here in Hungary does not seem to be able to order them but I thought if they are available in either Austria, Germany or Italy, I might consider a road trip.

If anyone has any info on this, please respond to this post.

Thanks in advance!
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Weather Tech will have them soon. Its a US Company but im sure they ship internationally. Excellent Product.
Husky is also a good set; not as expensive as WeatherTech but pretty decent quality-wise. They'll probably have them out soon after WeatherTech has theirs.
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Got mine today from the dealership. FYI, the dealership reported their cost to be $75 on them.
I really like that they go up and under all of the seat slides and carpeting.


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Those are the exact ones I bought. Should be delivered tomorrow. Looks good Installed. Thanks PAK325 for posting pics.
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