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This is a comprehensive list of all the standard and optional safety equipment Jeep will be offering in the BU Renegade. Now this list is likely subject to change based on country...

Dual Note Horn: Renegades horn will sound two different tones at the same time to cut ambient noise more effectively

Enhanced Accident Response: Renegade makes life on emergency personnel easier as it turns on interior lighting flashes hazards and unlocks the doors of the renegade in the event of an accident. Fuel flow is also cut immediately.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution: Optimizes the Renegades braking forces by regulating pressure front to rear

Electronic Stability Control: Maintains the REnegades direction stability under all conditions

Electronic Roll Mitigation: A derivative of the Renegades Stability Control. Uses ESC sensors to detect roll risk, applies brakes, manages throttle.

911 Call Assist: Buttons on the mirrors for emergency services, roadside assistance and Uconnect Customer Care

All-Row Full Length Side Curtain Air Bags: Curtain airbags that extend to front and rear passengers. Each bag has a sensor to automatically trigger only in the place of impact

All Speed Traction Control: Self explanitory

ABS with Rough Road: ABS system is capable of understanding the type of driving surface, rough or off road surfaces engages a different pressure level of the ABS system

Automatic Defog: Automatic temperature control measures the renegades interior humidity and de fogs accordingly

Windows automatically reverse if they sense an obstruction

Blind Spot Monitor: Twin ultra wideband sensors monitor blind spots during reversing, changing lanes or being passed. Notifications come from illuminating icons in the side mirrors and a selectable chime.

Brake Assist: The system applies max braking force in an emergency situation

Brake Lock Differential: Allows the Renegade to maintain forward movement if one or two of the wheels experience slippage. The system automatically applies brakes to the spinning wheels

Brake-Throttle Override: Courtesy of Toyota, the Renegades brake pedal overrides the accelerator

Brake Traction Control: Applies braking force to the individual wheels weather its slippage during acceleration or low speeds

Forward Collision Warning: Uses radar a video sensors to measure Renegades approach to another vehicle or obstacle

Front Mounted Pelvic Airbags: Increased protection to the Renegades driver and front passenger, housed within the seat itself

Front Wiper Deicer: Prevents the Renegades wipers from freezing to the windshield

Hill Start Assist: Assists the Renegade when starting from a stop on a hill by maintaining brake pressure when your foot moves to the throttle

Hill Descent: Trailhawk only, mitigates decent at speeds from 1 to 5 mph

LanseSense: Lane Departure Warning

ParkSense: Rear park assist system

ParkView: Wide angle rearview camera

Ready Alert Braking: Anticipates an emergency braking situation and primes the calipers against the rotors to decrese the Renegades time to full pressure

Rear Cross Path: the Renegade will alert you when reversing from a parking spot if there are vehicles crossing behind you

Sentry Key: Engine immobilizer

Trailer Sway Control: cuts trailer sway and improves handling under towing. Fights cross wind conditions. Renegade monitors its movement relative to the drivers intended path. Uses alternating brake pressure to keep Renegade level
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