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Sales codes

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Is anyone familiar with some of the sales codes? I'm trying to help a friend upgrade his radio and change his tire size with alfaobd, but it keeps having issues and failing proxy alignments and whatnot. I have contacted the dev and I'm waiting for his help.

In the mean time we went through his records. He has a lift and bigger tires. He toke his renegade to the dealer to have them adjust his tire size so his speedometer was correct. They noted that there is no place to do that in their software and they added the wpga sales code to his vin which might fix the issue. It made no difference what so ever.

Alfaobd Android version with an obdlink mx+ times out when adding the grey adapter. The windows version can't even get past updating the body computer and it hangs when I tell it to do a proxy align. I have used two different USB to odb2 modules. I can connect to each computer module in the car and read it and reset codes just fine with either the PC or Android version. It just won't let me do updates.

Anyone have any insight as to what the wpga code is they may have added? I told him maybe he should try getting it removed...
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Someone on Reddit was kind enough to share sales codes with me... I don't think the one added is compatible with a renegade tho... So he is having it removed. I can change tire size with alfaobd up to a point .. hopefully closer to what he has.

I didn't think the quickcal devices worked on a renegade.. . I'll have to check it out
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