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I'm not one that enjoys the car buying experience, but I did have a good experience with Tom Brandt at Ancira Jeep in San Antonio Texas. They had a LOT of Renegades on the lot (over 70 when I bought mine in September, and about 50+ the last time I checked) and they were one of the few in a 250 mile radius that had what I wanted. Tom was very easy going and super nice, and had no problems staying an hour past closing time when I came to pick up my Renegade and do the paperwork.

The crowning touch that prompted this review was when I went by the dealership last night to pick up my license plates. I had stopped by the dealership a couple of weeks ago to show Tom what I had done to the Renegade (added a roof basket and "Oscar Mike" decals) and to tell him about a few tricks I learned on this site (the hidden hatch release button on the remote, the tow hook I ordered, and the tow hook sockets hidden in the bumpers). Well, when I pulled onto the lot last night he was already walking across the parking lot to greet me, telling a new salesman that "it had to be Darrell because no one else has a Renegade like that!" We went inside to get the plates, and he INSISTED that he install the plates so I wouldn't have to. I told him I could handle it when I got home, but he said he wanted to do it. He ran and got his battery powered screwdriver and then proceeded to pull the temporary plates off and install the new official Texas plates. Tom is always smiling, and eager to help. I could understand his outstanding service if they charged me a lot for my Jeep, but I haggled them down to $20,789 on a $24,290 sticker, so he wasn't getting rich on my deal!

If you are looking for a Renegade (or any other Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep) in San Antonio, stop by Ancira and ask for Tom. Tell him Darrell sent you! They have a lot of Renegades to choose from, but I got the last Latitude 4x4 with the 1.4 motor!
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